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Billy Mcvey have served on the board of directors of several nonprofit organizations for 30 years plus. The experience of a being the founder of a local church congregation in Williamsburg County in 1991 that is still successfully operating proves that he has the capacities to oversee a project such as this. In his tenure as a Minister, Mr. Mcvey has counseled and assisted, thousands of broken families, mentally and physically abused persons, victims of domestic violence, unwed mothers, neglected youth and homeless or runaway youth. For over 40 years, Mr. Mcvey has organized nonprofit organizations and fundraising missions in South America, Caribbean Islands, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. One of the more recent nonprofit organizations that Mr. Mcvey have been instrumental in, is the Summer Food Program for the youth; this is a program partners with the recreation department of Williamsburg county to feed needy children that would not eat otherwise. Mr. Mcvey spends the hot summers transporting children from both in and out of the city limits to feed them. His services are completely voluntary and he receives no salary or gas reimbursement.