About Through the Storm Outreach Ministries

The Mission Statement of Through the Storm Maternity Group Home and Transitional Living Project is “promoting positive youth development, instilling independent living and producing law abiding citizens one youth at a time as we equip them to get through the storms of life with character, careers and confidence

We are here to help support the dreams and desires of young women throughout the Sumter area lead a positive impact through the state and hopefully the US.  We inspire through mentoring and by leading young women to their full potential in life. Realizing that their passion to succeed is truly a desire that they should focus on in their life. All girls and young women deserve a chance to be fruitful and fulfill their dreams!

Our Founder

Mr. Billy Mcvey

Billy Mcvey have served on the board of directors of several nonprofit organizations for 30 years plus. The experience of a being the founder of a local church congregation in Williamsburg County in 1991 that is still successfully operating proves that he has the capacities to oversee a project such as this. In his tenure as a Minister, Mr. Mcvey has counseled and assisted, thousands of broken f...Read More

Miss Tiara Murphy

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Our Board of Directors

Attorney Mark SImgo

Board Member
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Attorney sagor john

Board Member
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Attorney BAFTA Online

Board Member
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Mr. sagor john

Board Member
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Mr. sagor john

Board Member
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Mr. karim benzem

Board Member
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Mr. fastlane live

Board Member
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Ms. morcle ava

Board Member
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Our Staff and Volunteers

Attorney Linus Tech

Chief Financial Officer
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Attorney jahid jahid

Vice President
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Attorney ewre tyrtyer

Staff Member
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Attorney Esabel Nancy

Chief Financial Officer
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Attorney maimuna afrin

Teen Pregnancy Coordinator
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Attorney John Wilson

Executive Administrator II
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Mr. sarder melon18

Marketing Director
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Mr. km somun

Marketing Director II
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Mr. mamu usa

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Mr. autumn77 kylie

Marketing Director
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Mr. Firoz Ahmed

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Mr. messi barcelona

Marketing Director
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Ms. Staff Member1

Operations Manager
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Ms. watai xu

Staff Member
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Ms. xu sg-pack

Operations Manager
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Ms. jarin costa

Marketing Director
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Ms. mark DFDGFDF

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