Runaways & Homelessness

HELP IS HERE, AT TTS OUTREACH MINISTRIES: Many times, seeking help is difficult, mainly because those who have fallen upon hard times, who have been victimized, or who have simply made a few poor decisions in life, feel like they are all by themselves and like they are the only ones going through such challenges. We want you to know that you are not alone, not just in spirit but in actuality. 

YOU ARE NOT FIGHTING ALONE:  We do what we do because we care, but unfortunately we also know that statistically:

  • 80% of runaway and homeless girls reported having ever been sexually or physically abused. (Molnar et al, 1998)
  • 34% of runaway youth (girls and boys) reported sexual abuse before leaving home. (Molnar et al, 1998)
  • 43% of runaway youth (girls and boys) reported physical abuse before leaving home. (Molnar et al, 1998)
  • One in six young runaways end up sleeping rough, one in eight resort to begging or stealing to survive and one in 12 are hurt or harmed as a direct result of running away.
Help for Homeless & Runaway Teens

Start changing your life for the better TODAY.

For anybody who has truly gone lacking or run away, you might have your own reasons for this and feel you do not want anyone to know where you are or why you are there. Being displaced or without housing causes shifts in daily life, but also can have a traumatic impact on the families and loved ones of those who have run away. For the families of missing individuals, it can be extremely debilitating for them to go on with their lives being unsure of whether their friend or family member is alive or deceased. For those who have runaway and have found a safe haven; perhaps giving thought to writing a note to let people know you are safe will help ease the stress for everyone impacted. This can be the beginning of a resolution. Through the Storm Outreach Ministries can be a conduit to deliver the communication and can also help you to get to the root of the problems so that you can begin to piece your life back together and become whole again.

Becoming "homeless" can happen to anyone.

We recognize that anyone can wind up homeless due to circumstances over which they may have had no control. Being homeless often brings with it not only the practical problem of experiencing no permanent location to live, but additionally, it may greatly affect a person's self-confidence and sense of belonging. We do understand that sadly, many teenagers who have run away are afraid of returning home, for fear of being subjected to additional abuse or punishment. On top of that, many homeless teens genuinely felt like they had no choice but to runaway and continue to feel like they have no choice except to go at it alone. We must deal with these harsh realities, while working to eliminate feelings of isolation that more than often lead to a life on the streets – begging or stealing to survive, or resorting to drugs and alcohol. Through the Storm Outreach Ministries is here to help those who need help.

For Immediate Assistance,
Call us at (888) 819-1796.

Long-term housing solutions for those who have stabilized and are ready to take that next big step.

Temporary housing solutions for those who need refuge and emergency stabilization.

We work to create environments that are conducive to success and growth.